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About 68 deaths have been declared so far, and many more are still in the debris.

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This article can be named " Uttarakhand tragedy" or similarly. Blasts to clear tunnels or build dams for various large engineering projects, such as mining and hydro-power, have resulted in landslides and the build up of debris in the rivers.

There is no provision for fuel," Chief Minister Singh said. An entry fee of INR 10 is needed to be paid at the entrance.


We were about This final clip gives a good picture of just how bad the destruction is, mentioning the Kedarnath area of the famous Kedarnath shrine in the higher mountainous valley about 50 miles directly west of Uttarkashi and showing the massive mud flow through the town on one of the tributaries to the Ganges.

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The road network in this region has completely washed away while by today 68 14th Sep deaths have been confirmed by our volunteers working in the field. Secondly, even after rainfall started, till date, six days after the event started on June 15, there is no account of how much rainfall occurred at what specific locations, and what was done to alert the populations that were at risk.

I am only requestiing to put the correct Map of India or croping the map to high lights only area of concerned w. What's worse, the maneater was shot on Tuesday but couldn't be tracked down since then.

Most states, including Uttarakhand, are yet to implement it.

Valley of Flowers, Uttarakhand – Part 1

It was almost 5: It has been said that people in groups are slowly moving to downhill sides and local people, Indian army, voluntary organizations and religious organizations are providing food and shelter free of cost. Many a times, a natural disaster and its human impacts are a result of multiple things occurring together.

I feel that a separate article with title " Uttarakhand tragedy" or simialar can be developed with a link to " North India floods", on observing the huge damage done in Uttarakhand state. Manali Beas river in Manali Often clubbed with a winter season trip to Shimla, is the road trip to Manaliand more surrounding places like Kasol.

Strict regulation of land use — critically, the avoidance of occupancy for agriculture and human settlement in river beds, drains and canals and prevention of siltation of river channels, mostly due to dumping of solid waste.

If trekking is what thrills you to the core then there can be no better place than Uttarakhand. Every nature lover is in paradise in Jim Corbett. Offering massive mountains covered with lush greenery, streams with white waters as well as various admirable places to visit, Uttarakhand is an impeccable place to spend your vacations.

A political storm is brewing in Uttarakhand.


And as is the case with most political storms, at its centre is a long-standing socio-economic issue: migration. But unlike the inter-state migration witnessed in the Garhwal region in the second half of the 20th century, migration now is intra-state.

A very heavy rainfall event has occurred on June, in Indian state of Uttarakhand in NW Himalayas. This is a very unusual event in the month of June when even southwest monsoon has not.

Mussoorie Times Mussoorie Times is such a e-news site that always try to provide the real and original news thats happening in our surroundings and this was our moto. We started Mussoorie Times in Nestled in the lap of Himalayas with icy peaks like Nanda Devi in the northeast and the foothills of Himalayas in the southwest, the state of Uttarakhand is one of India’s most pristine states.

The High Court of Uttarakhand has passed an order that prevents overnight camping in the high altitude meadows (and semi meadows) of Uttarakhand. In recent years there has been a sudden influx of but it is a timely reminder about what is happening in Himalaya.

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Since ancient times Himalaya is a sacred place, abode of God’s – Debbhumi. A Recent happening in Uttarakhand The extreme rains of June16 lead to a disaster of unpreceded proportions in the Himalayan state of Uttarakhand. Many theories & explanations for the disaster have surfaced in the aftermath of the floods in the state.

Recent happening in uttarakhand
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